April 20, 2021

5 Ways Not to Sell Yourself Short

5 Ways Not to Sell Yourself Short

Like any business model, freelancing is not perfect. Being a solopreneur on a long journey, sometimes it might feel lonely, you are a one-man business and you have this pressure that you have to be perfect at everything you do: marketing, sales, social media, lead generation, and so on.

While later on, you can delegate some of the tasks, one skill you will endlessly need is to know how to negotiate for the purpose of not selling yourself short.

In this episode, you will…

  • Understand the importance of a minimum acceptable rate
  • Know how to be ahead of the negotiation curve
  • Get insights on why your freelance business goals should not only be financial


  • ''If your freelance business does not have any other goals than financial ones, then you have to re-evaluate your growth strategies. Your perception of value comes in different shapes: you want to be more visible in your niche, you are looking for long-term opportunities, you are looking for referrals, you want to work with top clients.''
  • ''Start with a high amount, you have to be one step higher on the negotiation curve. And here’s the reality: even if your service is priced reasonably, your client will still negotiate.''


  • Never start negotiating without knowing what the minimum rate is you would accept for a project
  • Always be ready to explain how your work will benefit the client. Change the conversation from ''I will do'' to ''you will get, your company will benefit…''
  • Your job is to make your client think they got a great deal and a great value
  • Be the first one to ask the question ''What budget do you have in mind?'' and extend it from there

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