June 3, 2021

How to Get Lynda.com For Free?

How to Get Lynda.com For Free?

As a freelancer, it can feel overwhelming to learn a new skill because you are stuck in the same cycle of finding clients, complete projects, invoicing, and start it all over again. If you find it time-consuming to get on a learning platform, or you are not sure what to go for, Lynda.com is the right place to start.

But, what if I told you that there is a backdoor to get Lynda.com for free? Well, keep reading because today I am sharing the secret.

What is Lynda.com?

Lynda.com it’s an online learning platform designed to help professionals upskill and achieve their career goals. With tutorials in five languages, Lynda.com is now part of LinkedIn Learning.

With more than 273,000 tutorials, Lynda is offering top-quality courses that are thought by industry experts.  

Each course is broken down into chapters and videos, each averaging about 6-7 minutes in length.

Are the certificates recognized?

Unfortunately, you will get a certificate of completion but not one of competence. Those are not recognized by any legal entities, however, you can add those on your LinkedIn profile. And here’s the truth: adding those on your resume will not help you much. However, it will help you diversify your skills and experience.  

How much it costs?

There are two memberships: Basic and Premium. The Basic Membership is $25 per month, and a Premium Membership is $37.50 per month. If you are going for a yearly membership, expect to pay around $250-$375. One subscription gives you access to the entire library of courses.

The price can be out of range for some freelancers, keeping in mind that the certificates do not hold a high value.

How can you get it for free in 4 steps?

Now, let me help you save $375 a year. Here are the four simple steps that will grant you FREE access to Lynda:

  1. Visit your local library
  2. Get a library card (they will provide you with a PIN code)
  3. Log in HERE to activate your membership straight away

Once you activated your membership, you can log in using your Library card number and the PIN you were provided with by your librarian.

Let me know how that works out for you.