Feb. 15, 2021

How Do Freelancers Track Hours

How Do Freelancers Track Hours

Today let’s talk about tracking your hours as a freelancer, why you should doing it as soon as possible, how you should do it and why accountability is important for your freelance business.

In this episode, you will…

  • Understand all the great things that will happen to you once you start tracking your hours in your freelance business
  • Find out what ’’mental peak window’’ is and identify yours to be more productive
  • Get the tools on how to track your time using Clockify (FREE app)
  • Learn to hold yourself accountable doing time audits


  • If you are not tracking your time, you will start having some unrealistic expectations on how long it takes you to finish anything. You will start taking for granted the time you pour into the projects, you will think you spend way too much time on certain tasks just because someone on social media said it takes them half of that time.
  • Learn to protect your ’’mental peak’’ window, learn to say no to things that distract you, and be proactive.
  • Don’t be afraid that you will fail to track your time: the faster you fail, the sooner you learn.


  • Understand that not all work is equal to the same importance. What compelling work is helping you succeed?
  • Do a time audit every week to maximize your potential of spending time where it’s needed, and to earn more money.
  • Know the importance of using time limits on tasks. When you know how long it takes you to finish a project, you will understand how to price it better.
  • Another great reason for time tracking is to think of ways on how you can stop wasting time, by making the time work for you.
  • Learn to avoid multitasking: when you divide your focus, you make more mistakes).

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