Jan. 25, 2021

How to Build an Online Freelance Portfolio?

How to Build an Online Freelance Portfolio?

Today let’s talk about how to build a freelance portfolio with no hassle of feeling overwhelmed.

Did you know that a lot of freelancers give up at this stage because they just say ‘’well, I have no experience to showcase, nobody would hire me, so it is best I stick to my 9-5 job’’? But why don’t you start with what you already have? Because if you do not try and build it up, even in 3-4 years you will have nothing to add if that is your perspective.

In this episode, you will…

- Understand why your freelance portfolio matters

- Know how to build your online portfolio

- Get tips and tricks on how you can also use LinkedIn as a portfolio destination

- know what the structure of a portfolio is


- ‘’When a client checks out your portfolio, you are giving them a sample of how is it to work with you, what results can they expect in the near future.’’

- ‘’ It is vital you understand why you need one. First, a portfolio is designed to display in practice all the skills you excel at and where your CV would not do it justice.’’


- Choose quality over quantity.

- Use clear descriptions, who was the client, what was the outcome.

- Make sure you are checking it on how it looks on mobile devices as well (as most of the traffic comes from these sources).

- Make your Call to Action (CTA) one click away.

Your Portfolio’s Structure:

- About You- say something about yourself, about your approach to what you do

- Your Vision- what you value

- Your Mission- what is your goal

- Your Background- how your background is important in what you do at the moment

- Certifications- anything to display that will give a boost of trust to your customer

- Your Services- list all the services you are offering

- Reviews from Clients- if anyone reviewed your service, make sure you drop it down

- Call to Action (CTA)- ‘‘let’s Work Together’’, ‘‘Contact Me’’

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