Nov. 20, 2020

How to create a great cover letter

How to create a great cover letter

I am so excited about this episode, where I will be sharing my own experience on how to design a cover letter that lands you in a job as soon as possible.

Every aspiring freelancer must start somewhere. It is either checking if their own network has any possible needs for their work or start on cold calling or sign up on third-party platforms such as Upwork. Upwork did the hard part for you of finding clients, so all you must do is win them over.

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn about the power of psychology how is to be in your client’s shoes
  • Know what questions to ask yourself first before applying for a remote position
  • Find the tricks for an effective cover letter


  • Hiring manages love people that hit the ground running. People with initiative, creative ideas, and people who are genuinely serious about leaving their footprints in a company. Show them why they should have you on board. Give them a preview of how is to collaborate with you.
  • Prove to them that you are not only looking for an income, but you are also looking for an environment of growth and that you are ready to take an extra mile for them and your aim is to help THEM succeed. You should know that if a company grows, you grow; if they succeed, you succeed.
  • Clients make hiring decisions based on what impression you left them with, and it’s not fully based on your hard skills.


  • Avoid using ’’I’’, ’’me, me, me’’, change your proposal to reflect ’’you, your company, your service’’
  • Don’t have a lengthy job proposal, keep it under two paragraphs, should be clear and concise
  • Do not use templates, you will sound like Siri or Alexa
  • Work on building trust from the first proposal you are sending
  • Capture your client’s attention from the first sentences
  • I know this might sound dull, but make sure you are reading the job description not once, but twice
  • Respond to all messages within 12 hours because this will show your client you are prioritizing him and you have great customer service skills

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