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Learnt so much!

I learnt so much about how I can transform my freelance business. Doina gives great tips and I am excited each time a new episode is up. And finally, I managed to raise my rates and my clients were OK with it! Thank you for all the knowledge you share

Amazing podcast

I just love the podcast, I can digest great content and amazing tips from Doina, keep up the great work!


All the knowledge I am gathering is golden! So much useful information if you are a novice, from how to handle payments, where to find clients, and where to find the best jobs out there!

I’m a freelancer and this is the high quality content I’ve been looking for!

As a freelancer sometimes it gets so overwhelming… This kind of content is so refreshing! I’m all for a great content that is on point and packed with useful information. Her experience is so inspiring and the advice is super practical. I totally recommend her episodes!

One of the most valuable podcasts for any profession

Doina’s clear, concise wisdom is useful not only for freelancers, but for any professional wanting to perform at their best. The questions and considerations she poses are thoughtful, and insightful. Every episode is flat-out-awesome and she’s a fresh of breath air when compared to podcast that go on-an-on and are self-focused. A gem amongst podcasts.

Good content

Good informative content that’s is easy too understand. Makes you really think about how we are worth more then we think from a work value perspective.