Jan. 11, 2021

Six Things We Hate About Freelancing

Six Things We Hate About Freelancing

If you thought freelancing means traveling until you drop dead tired or working on a beach in Thailand, then I will disappoint you but these are just myths or it rarely happens. A freelancer might be that person that you will still find in a PJ at 2 PM  and drinking his/her third coffee already.

While we think Freelancing is so glamourous, you will be shocked to know what happens behind the scenes.

In this episode, you will…

- Understand why a lot of freelancers do not find room to grow

- Know that freelancing does feel like work

- Learn how to manage the cycle of winning/losing clients

- Recognize the triggers of burnout and take premature action against it

- Acknowledge why coworking spaces are on the rise


- ‘’Freelancing feels more like work, it feels like you are the customer service person, you are the salesperson, you are the accountant, you are financial controller, your own marketing and communications department, and so on. You are your own boss, you are solely responsible for your success, so this is hard work.’’

- ‘’I know freelancers that are stuck in the same cycle of offering the same service, maybe for $1-$2 more than the previous project. It is important to put in the effort to find room to grow, to develop your skills, especially the negotiation skills.’’


- I have been through burnout, so my advice is to take it easy, know when you have the first hints, and take action. Otherwise, you will feel that you are ready to quit on anything you are working on, and you start questioning ‘’why me’’, ‘’why this happens to me’’. And imagine, how creative can you be when you are constantly exhausted? What value can you offer to your client when you do not take care of your mental, emotional, and physical state of being?

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