Nov. 13, 2020

Where to find freelance work

Where to find freelance work

In this episode, I will touch on why you need to adopt a mindset that takes more energy and how the small choices have a big impact. I am sharing all the online platforms I know that will help you land your first freelance job as soon as possible.

In this episode, you will…

•  learn about the multiple ways of getting freelance work

• know how to select the ’’ winning’’ client on Upwork

•  find out how to use LinkedIn for remote jobs

•  be able to identify the qualities of a great client so you know you are made for each other


Tip 1: learn to keep all your clients in one place. I have a Skype address where I add all my clients so we can stay in touch fur future projects or just to exchange a ’’ hi, how is the business going lately’’. If I am busy in the next four months, I want to make sure that I have another client lined up.

Tip 2: I always accept interview requests, even if I am not looking for a job. I can dedicate 15-30 minutes a day so I can connect with a prospect and keeping in touch with him when I have the availability of taking on a new project. In this way, I save the time that I would waste on cold calling.

Tip 3: If you are just starting in the freelance world, stay on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, because you have an online contract with terms and conditions, and the payments are completed automatically. In case of disputes, Upwork becomes your mediator.

Tip 4: You learn more by struggling than by winning. Do not choose the easy way.

Tip 5: Do not worry if you do not find a job from the first application. Keep going.

Tip 6: If you did not reap your results yet, that is a good sign, you still have more work to do and more goals to accomplish.

Tip 7: As Warren Buffett says ’’don’t put all your eggs in one basket’’ and what I mean by that do not rely just on one channel to find clients. Stay active on a maximum of 2-3 of your choice and keep an eye out. Automate your search. Get job alerts to apply as soon as a position is open.

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