May 19, 2021

8 Red Flags for Freelancers

8 Red Flags for Freelancers

In freelancing, some clients are hard to deal with. I would classify them into the type of clients that are ''paying'', others ''not paying, and others' ''average paying''. Your target is those clients that are ready to pay for the value they are getting.

In this episode, you will...

  • find out what a red flag is in freelancing
  • understand why it's important to spot a red flag when talking to a new prospect
  • get a list of the top eight most known red flags freelancers are bumping into and what you can do about it 


  • ''Red flags in freelancing are those warnings after a discussion with a prospect that future collaboration will not end great. This will lead to a toxic business relationship, where neither of the party will grow or feel comfortable working with.''
  • ''Dear freelancers, some clients are looking for low-cost work and know that this is not your fault, do not take it personally. It’s not a monetary issue, because I’ve seen this coming from big players as well. It is all about poor work ethic and bad practices.''
  • ''The word ‘’free’’ in freelancing does not stand for free work, it stands for ‘’unaffiliated’’, ‘’independent’’. The service you are offering has value, and you should be the first one to appreciate it before anyone else does.''


  • Do not take your projects outside the freelancing platform at your client's request.
  • Understand the difference between a freelancer and an employee in order not to be micromanaged by a client.
  • Do not accept working for clients that have bad payment terms.
  • If your client lacks clarity, move on to the next one. You will waste so much time and energy. 


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