May 15, 2021

Do Freelancers Give Refunds

Do Freelancers Give Refunds

In freelancing, not all clients are made for you and that’s OK. Not all experiences are positive, but most of them are. Maybe there are thousands of people offering the same service you are offering; however, your top priority should be offering a great customer service experience.

In this episode, you will...

  • Understand if offering a refund is a good practice in the freelance world
  • Get tips on how to avoid any conflict with your client
  • Know the legal value of your Terms and Conditions and when to use it


  • ''You are not under any obligation to refund or discount your prices just because your client wants you to''
  • ''Think of all the ways something can go wrong when offering your service and make sure you are covering that in your Terms and Conditions''
  • ''Nobody wants to work with clients that have a difficult personality. Learn to say NO before starting to work together, in case if you see a red flag''


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