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Oct. 6, 2021

How to Use LinkedIn Marketplace as a Freelancer?

How to Use LinkedIn Marketplace as a Freelancer?

LinkedIn Marketplace is rolling the feature for the gig workers and everyone is excited!

With over 722 million members and 310 million monthly active users, for every freelancer, this means that finding new projects will become easier and more practical.

In this episode, you will…

  • Find out what LinkedIn Marketplace is and its goals
  • Understand how you can use LinkedIn Marketplace as a freelancer
  • Learn how to optimize your profile for LinkedIn Marketplace


  • ''It comes at a cost, of course. LinkedIn is thinking of taking a cut of the transactions that take place on Marketplace. The payment will be supported via a digital wallet offered by Microsoft.''
  • ''While LinkedIn Marketplace comes with a great solution for every freelancer, this doesn’t mean it will not be competitive.''


  • Do not stop marketing yourself on other freelance platforms or via cold calls/ emails and networking
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile for the LinkedIn Marketplace feature: create a portfolio, gather great reviews and refine your skills section.
  • LinkedIn Marketplace has over 10 categories and subcategories to choose from so make sure you go through all of them before you put up your services.
  • Optimize your service description with keywords.

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Listen to the episode for more actionable insights and tips.

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