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Aug. 11, 2021

How Do Freelancers Onboard Their Clients

How Do Freelancers Onboard Their Clients

The onboarding process is you explaining to your client what your workflow is: what tasks to expect to be completed when those will be completed, deadlines, service price, payment type, how and when to reach you; what is required from them before you start the work.

This is a great way to determine your customer’s goals BEFORE you start working on the project because they can let you know in a hurry what they expect to achieve, but when they see it all written down they start to filter what is important and what’s not so important for them.

In this episode, you will...

  • Understand the importance of a strong onboarding process
  • Learn what your onboarding process should include
  • Know how to get returning freelance clients with a successful onboarding process


  • Never assume that your client knows what you have to do. Explain to your customer what they can expect at every step.
  • The most successful client-freelancer relationships work best when you understand each other's workflow and perspective.
  • Impressing your customers with an onboarding process will help you do your job better. If you don't show your customer from the start that the process will run smoothly and easily, they will find someone else to bring them clarity.


  • It should take you no more than 20 minutes to conduct your new onboarding process.
  • Have your onboarding process as a presentation or a PDF File.

Listen to the episode for more actionable insights and tips.

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