Aug. 4, 2021

How to Find Freelance Clients on LinkedIn

How to Find Freelance Clients on LinkedIn

And do you know what Google, Apple, and Netflix have in common? They all recruit contractors on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the best ways to find clients and it served as an effective lead magnet, it’s like a non-stop shop where potential clients can find you, as long as you have your profile optimized for search. With more than 722 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has no shortage of potential customers.

Comparing to all the freelancing platforms out there, LinkedIn is not so crowded and this gives you an advantage.

In this episode, you will…

  • Find out how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile as a freelancer
  • Understand how to send cold messages on LinkedIn
  • Learn how to find freelance opportunities on LinkedIn


  • Freelancers are hiring freelancers and this is called outsourcing. This is why your fellow freelancers are not your competition.
  • A big reason for you to integrate LinkedIn into your business it’s because even if your clients find you on freelance platforms, they will still check your LinkedIn presence.


  • Your headline is searchable! You are wasting so much space on LinkedIn if you do not update your headline properly. What you should have there is the keyword ''looking'' or ''seeking''. For example, ''Graphic designer looking for the freelance project'', boom! You have three keywords: designer, looking, and freelance. And this is important because people like me, recruiters, this is how we differentiate the active and non-active seekers on the platform and we are approaching those who show the intent of jumping into a new opportunity. Same with companies that are looking to hire the next freelance team member
  • Once you know who your ideal client is, start networking with them. Build your network, make connections. Spend at least 20 minutes a day from Monday to Friday, commenting on posts that are in your niche, comment on your ideal customers’ posts. Congratulate people on their work achievements.

Listen to the episode for more actionable insights and tips.

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