July 21, 2021

Asking Freelance Clients for Feedback

Asking Freelance Clients for Feedback

A lot of freelancers think it is underrated to ask the client for feedback. No matter how much experience you have onboard, no matter how talented you are, it is OK to feel a bit agitated before you receive your client’s review on the work you just completed.

Dealing with customer feedback can be a bit frustrating but learn to turn the situation to your advantage. At first, I was nervous about asking for a testimonial, and it took me a while to get confident and to reach out to ask for feedback. Please listen carefully: the sooner you do it, the faster you will upscale your freelance business.

In this episode, you will...

  • learn about the ways you can ask for feedback from your freelance client
  • understand the importance of feedback to upscale your freelance business and raising your rates
  • get actionable tips on how you can guide your client to offer you phenomenal reviews


  • ''You should understand that many clients are not sure how to write testimonials, others are busy. I had clients on Upwork that told me they had no idea there is such a feature integrated on the platform. So you have to help educate your clients on how to leave a review: if it’s on a freelance platform, guide them. If it’s via email, send them a short form or a link to a Google Form. Make sure you have it short, add some bullet points or a scale from 0-10.''
  • ''When you finish a project, have a wrap-up call with your client, thanking him for this collaboration and ask him if it would be OK for you to send a short feedback form.''
  • ''See the feedback request process to build your testimonials for your work. This will help you build your brand; will give you credibility in the eyes of your future clients. You want them to see you reliable and efficient, trustworthy and an important part of your customers’ success.’’


  • Make the feedback form short
  • When you finish a project, have a wrap-up call with your client and ask for feedback
  • If you are in an ongoing project, ask for feedback every 4-6 months
  • Consider having the reviews highlighted on your LinkedIn profile as well
  • There are another four important tips that worked for me- listen to this episode to write all down

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