Jan. 4, 2021

Is 2021 a Good Year to Start Freelancing?

Is 2021 a Good Year to Start Freelancing?

2020 was the perfect year to discover if you would love to take the freelancing path or not. Nowadays freelance jobs are taking over the world. According to Upwork.com, in the last 12 months, 2 million Americans joined their platform to look for the next freelance job.

Now let’s have an open and honest conversation: is 2021 a good year to start freelancing? There are a few aspects you should put in perspective before taking this decision.

In this episode, you will…

- Understand the pros and cons of starting freelancing in 2021

 - Know the benefits of being a freelancer vs an employee

- Have the tools to make an informed decision to see if 2021 is a good year for you to become a freelancer


- ‘’As a freelancer, you are self-employed. No matter how much others would sugarcoat freelancing to you, you have to be well-informed before taking this step.’’

- ‘’Unpredictable income: you are your own boss; you find your own contracts. With how the financial situation was for 2020 with the pandemic, you better have some contracts lined up, so you can rest assured you will have a streamed income.’’

- ‘’Career-boosting: comparing to a traditional worker, you must put in more effort to advance in your career. Many people think that networking at the workplace, interacting with a manager who can become their mentor, is providing a boost in their career. As a freelancer, you have to be ready to know what to do to advance your career: sign up for that class, get that qualification, etc.’’


- While going freelance in 2021 might be a great solution, there is nothing wrong in holding to that level of stability you have in your life, even if this means staying a bit longer in your office job.

- If until 2020 we could have got away without health insurance, now with COVID you never know what happens. And I know for sure if you are in the US, being hospitalized for any health issues, you can go bankrupt. Now, if you are freelancing, this risk is elevated. What can you do in 2021 as a freelancer: dig into those health insurance options.

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