Nov. 27, 2020

How to Be More Productive?

How to Be More Productive?

In this episode, I am sharing approaches to deep work, shallow work, and how to stay productive in this noisy online environment we find ourselves in.

In this episode, you will….

  • Learn what is deep work and what is shallow work
  • Know the importance of deep work
  • Be able to create your own principles of work


  • ’’The average office worker spends 6.3 hours a day checking email, both personal and professional.’’ Now, if we could use this time wisely and strategically, I am sure we would have strong outcomes’’ survey conducted by Adobe Systems Inc
  •  As a freelancer, be careful of shallow work because you would be enforcing some bad habits, which in the end affects your purpose/ your goal of the day.
  •  Deep work is extremely important for your success. This means you are focusing on ONE SINGLE TASK for a specific amount of time. Mind your multitasking activity. You will be a ’’Jack of all trades, master of none’’, you will do bits of tasks here and there, and by the end of the day, you will not have a single one completed


  • You must know how not to feed your weaknesses
  • Put all your mental effort in one place at a time
  • Lean towards monotasking
  • Design your day- what is important to complete today
  • Stop asking yourself ‘’but why do I have to do this and change it to ’’why not now”?
  • Know WHEN your peak performance time is- some people work better in the morning; some people are night birds

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