Jan. 18, 2021

Should Universities Prepare Students for Freelance Work?

Should Universities Prepare Students for Freelance Work?

Freelancing is not something new, it is a trend for some years already. It mainly means career pursuing without being tied to a single employer. What a freelancer does is contract work.

If freelancing is not fairly new, why don’t we have the universities integrating the practice of freelancing in their curriculum? Why can’t we be taught during our university years how to find our skills, how to price our services, how to acquire clients, how to negotiate and how to test and trial our freelance business?

Just imagine that in 2020, Upwork contributed to the US economy with $1.2 trillion dollars. Trillions! Now imagine how many people are freelancing and how many of them actually had to cruise in this world by themselves until they figured this out.

In this episode, you will…

- Learn why universities should support students in choosing to become freelancers

- Understand where the educational system stands in support of the job market


- ‘’Maybe the educational system should rethink that universities’ career staff should be trained on providing advice on freelance work. And if a person chose between a traditional job and a freelance once, at least he/she had all the resources and information before taking this decision.’’

- ‘’ We are taught how to get a traditional job, how to be loyal to an employee, how to dedicate ourselves and our time to succeed in a workplace., how to follow rules but rarely how to create those rules. But we are not taught how to dedicate our time to succeed individually, how to navigate in this gig economy that for sure in 2021 will expand even quicker.’’

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